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Jrock PV Icontest♪

Jrock PV Icontest♪
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Welcome to visual_stills! - A Jrock PV Icontest!

1. Icons must have NO animation, it wouldn't be fair would it?
2. Icons must be 100x100 pixels and related to the subject.
3. Icons must be fresh and made by you! Icons cannot be used until after winners are announced. Ask the icon creater for permission to use his/her icon.
4. Host your icons somewhere other than LJ.
5. Post icons/votes on correct post. They will be screened.
6. Be generous, and don't vote for yourself.
7. Non-members can vote, but you must join if you want to enter.
8. Be nice to everyone in the community!
9. Have fun. ^^

You will be voting for 4 icons. They will be first choice, second choice, third choice, and best screen cap. There will also be a Mod's Choice announced with the winners.
First Choice=3 points - Second Choice=2 points - Third Choice=1 point
Yes, they must be in order! Please vote in this format. Failing to do so will not count!
02, 05, 10
BSC: 08

When submitting an icon please do so as follows:

URL: http://i2.tinypic.com/vd0fp4.png

Sunday - New Challenge
Sunday to Friday - Submit icons
Friday to Sunday - Voting

{Staff & Affiliation
Maintainer: chiqun
Banner Makers: chiqun, legna_asehed, baka_bunnies
Affiliates are listed in front page. Click to Request Affiliation

Challenge 01 - Alice Nine:Velvet - aoi_sama
Challenge 02 - Phantasmagoria:Hikari ni furu ame - aoi_sama
Challenge 03 - Antique Cafe:Tekesuta Kousen - izon_no_niwa
Challenge 04 - HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR:Ichirin no Hana - x_l0lita
Challenge 05 - AILE:Romance Senki - ravenlullaby
Challenge 06 - Gazette:SILLY GOD DISCO - dim_quiet
Challenge 07 - Theme:Magical - ?